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Tree-Shaking a React Component Library in Rollup


This article explains some pointers on how to achieve proper Tree Shake for a React Component Library bundled with Rollup. In fact, it is applicable to any other libraries in Node. The secret lies in sideEffects…

React Dynamic Component


This article explains how to create dynamic components in React using JSX. It’s also loaded with a practical Heading component example in it!

CI/CD for NPM Package With CircleCI

circleci and npm

This article focuses on steps to setup CI/CD pipelines for a Node package with CircleCI. It automates the process to test, build and deploy our package to NPM Registry.

Rollup Config for React Component Library With TypeScript + SCSS


This article focuses on the Rollup configs required to build a reusable React Component Library with TypeScript (TS) and SCSS.

Starting Codefee-Kit


Kicking off my exciting React Component Library project, Codefee-Kit. A simple UI kit for building React projects. Mainly to deep dive into design systems and web frontend core technologies