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Tree-Shaking a React Component Library in Rollup


This article explains some pointers on how to achieve proper Tree Shake for a React Component Library bundled with Rollup. In fact, it is applicable to any other libraries in Node. The secret lies in sideEffects…

CI/CD for NPM Package With CircleCI

circleci and npm

This article focuses on steps to setup CI/CD pipelines for a Node package with CircleCI. It automates the process to test, build and deploy our package to NPM Registry.

Rollup Config for React Component Library With TypeScript + SCSS


This article focuses on the Rollup configs required to build a reusable React Component Library with TypeScript (TS) and SCSS.

Starting Codefee-Kit


Kicking off my exciting React Component Library project, Codefee-Kit. A simple UI kit for building React projects. Mainly to deep dive into design systems and web frontend core technologies