Using Docker Compose with Nx Monorepo For Multi Apps Development


This article gives a walkthrough on how we can streamline a multi-apps monorepo development by leveraging Nx and Docker Compose

Tree-Shaking a React Component Library in Rollup


This article explains some pointers on how to achieve proper Tree Shake for a React Component Library bundled with Rollup. In fact, it is applicable to any other libraries in Node. The secret lies in sideEffects…

React Dynamic Component


This article explains how to create dynamic components in React using JSX. It’s also loaded with a practical Heading component example in it!

TypeScript – Class or Interface for Model?

typescript - class vs interface logo

This article discusses when to use Class and Interface for model in TypeScript (TS). It also suggests a model organisation pattern called Request-Response pattern.

Using Angular Material Dialog during Fullscreen


This article focuses on how to show Angular Material’s Dialog when an element is in fullscreen mode.

CI/CD for NPM Package With CircleCI

circleci and npm

This article focuses on steps to setup CI/CD pipelines for a Node package with CircleCI. It automates the process to test, build and deploy our package to NPM Registry.

Rollup Config for React Component Library With TypeScript + SCSS


This article focuses on the Rollup configs required to build a reusable React Component Library with TypeScript (TS) and SCSS.

Building a Map with React, SVG and D3.js


An experiment to build a world map visualizing coffee taste profiles from different region in the world. The map was built using React, SVG and some help of D3.js and Python.

Building Web Application with React + Apollo Client + GraphQL + .NET Core WebAPI


This article explains how to build a web application using React, GraphQL and .NET Core WebAPI. I will address some of the main problems that I faced along the way. Working code repo on GitHub

Practical HTTP GET and Cache-Control

client server chat

The performance benefits gained from using HTTP GET and Cache-Control Header. Explained with practical examples on how to do it and when to use it best.

Starting Codefee-Kit


Kicking off my exciting React Component Library project, Codefee-Kit. A simple UI kit for building React projects. Mainly to deep dive into design systems and web frontend core technologies

Introduction To Codefee Time

frenchpress coffee

The is an introduction to Codefee Time hosted by NCC. Come on in and have a sip! 😉