Introduction To Codefee Time

Yo peeps, NCC here! I am a working Software Engineer based in Singapore currently.

This blog is mostly a tech blog or rather a tech diary of mine. I will be writing and posting contents related to software development, codes, etc. things that I think are good to be shared.

In a way, this might actually be the place where I document those topics that I have spent hours or even weeks to figure out or solve, i.e. things like algorithms, coding interview questions, deep tech stack knowledge, new tech frameworks, codes and development hacks, etc.

I sure hope that some of these posts will be useful not only to me, but to any lost soul out there seeking for a solution for those same problems that got me stuck for hours. Haha..

Also, a big motivation for me to start writing up this blog is actually to start experimenting and play around with Gatsby + Wordpress. Gatsby serves as the React-based static site generator, while Wordpress being used as the headless CMS for me to write up all these blog posts. Since nowadays I am heavily inclined towards writing WebApps using React, I thought it might be a good idea to write up a blog using React-based framework as well to dig deeper into this amazing library.

Well, treat this as a Coffee Time with me, or well.. more like a Codefee Time! Haha.. Welcome all! Please have a sip ;-)

coffee setup
Codefee Time while having a coffee time with French Press Illy Coffee. Ha!